our house studios inc.

Our House Studios Inc. is a program dedicated to helping our members achieve their highest fitness level. Our energetic professional fitness coaches take great pride in giving the best service to each client who walks through our doors. At Our House Studios Inc. you will receive the highest quality group fitness training at affordable prices. 

We understand that each individual who attends our classes will start at a different fitness level. Our House Studios is designed to help the average person get in the best shape of their lives. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a police officer, Our House will help you achieve maximal physical efficiency. Our goal is to challenge our clientele to push their bodies to the limits, improving their muscular strength and muscular endurance for optimal physical efficiency. 

Our group classes allow you the flexibility to set your own schedule. You can mix and match group classes every week if you wish. You can also add in private training sessions.

Instead of "sick" clinics, we at Our House want to adopt a wellness clinic mentality. A positive place where amazing transformations begin. And where we can heal our minds, bodies and spirits.

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